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Arrow 4.21: Monument Point

We finally start to feel the momentum as Arrow gets into the finial stretch, with only two more episodes left in the season after last night’s. There’s still a lot of plot for them to resolve, so lets get right down to it. Spoilers ahoy!

“And here I thought earthquake machines were as strange as it got.”

So when we left off last week, Darhk had stolen a program from Argus that was designed to stop any country from launching nuclear missiles. That program could also be manipulated into firing nuclear missiles. We open with The Missile Attack Warning Center in Kaliningrad, Russia having alarms going off because four silos are powering up to launch sequence after rebooting.


They’re not the only ones with complications, back in Star City Lyla lists them along with Markovia, Corto Maltese, and us-every NATO ally-as being under Rubicon’s control. There’s a bunch of plot holes in the two minutes that follows so let me sum up: The team is going to fight this, without calling in National Resources. Felicity can’t hack Rubicon because reasons, but she thinks her father can. The team, naturally, thinks this is a horrible idea, but they agree to it anyways.

Ollie and Diggs put their heads together over some maps. Ollie fills Diggs in on the finer points of Darhk’s magic, such as he needs a Nexus chamber to absorb the energy from the deaths of others and that it would likely be on a Ley Line.

“The predictability was a terrible flaw in the design.”

Malcolm pays Thea a visit at the house that she thought was a vacation destination, but turned out to be a piece of Darhk’s Arc. He says that, once again, he’s doing it all to keep her safe. He tells her about Darhk’s plan, and why he is supporting it. Thea demands to see Alex.


Captain Lance returns home to see Donna. Apparently she was snooping and found out about his suspension, and an affidavit that would allow him to return to active duty. The affidavit states that he knew nothing about Laurel being the Black Canary, and Donna is against him lying. They debate the morality of it a bit. Lance eventually gives in, and writes the truth, knowing it would mean giving up his badge.

Felicity isn’t the only on wanting to get in to touch with her father. Darhk recruited some familiar faces from Iron Heights, and instructs them to find him. Felicity gets a lead and sends Green Arrow and Spartan after him, but they’re too late because he went running after Darhk’s men tried to take him.


In the Arc, we see that Darhk and Hive’s handpicked survivors of nuclear Armageddon are getting settled after registering. There is one unexpected guest though, Lonnie Machlin.

“You’re the last person on earth to lecture someone about lying to the people they love.”

Felicity gets to work trying to find any clue to help her track down her dad again, but all she comes up with is Ravenspur. Meanwhile, she made an algorithm that helped find likely spots on the ley lines for Darhk’s ‘magical clubhouse’ and the men head out.


While checking it out the spot, Ollie says that he’s concerned about Diggle. Lyla told Ollie that she was worried about Diggs because he claimed to have shot Andy in self-defense, but Ollie knows the truth. Diggs gets defensive, saying he couldn’t bring himself to tell her what really happened.

Felicity heads to Palmer Tech where her mother meets her. Felicity asks her mother about Ravenspur, and Donna tells her it was a cabin in Cypress Cove they would visit. Felicity calls the men and lets them know where they can find her dad.


Darhk’s men are there first though, and they are engaged in a firefight by the time the team arrives. Green Arrow and Spartan taken them down rather quickly though, and Felicity naps her father with a getaway van.

“Terrible or not, I’m still your father.”

Felicity gets her father back to her place and lays down the rules. This is not happy, fun, reunion time. This is help her save the world time. He gets to work right away, much to Felicity’s surprise, stating that he has an interest in protecting this world as long as she lives in it. He will need better tech than she has at her home office though.


Felicity Line of the night: “That’s why he sent last year’s greatest hits to take you down.”

When Felicity gets to Palmer Tech to get what her father claims to need, she’s met by a member of the board, who has some news for her. The board did not like that she was intending to ‘practically give away’ the technology that enabled her to walk again, and since she declined to meet with them, they voted to terminate her. He has security escort her out.


Malcolm takes Thea to see Alex, who has been completely brainwashed by Ruve and despite her best efforts she can’t get through to him. Then Malcolm hears about Lonnie, and he asks Thea to give him a hand in capturing him.

“My daughter certainly has some very impressive friends.”

Now that Felicity is unable to get what they need from Palmer Tech the team is off to get it their own way. Ollie hacks the security system to let her and her father in, and Diggs is the eyes in the sky back on the Quiver. They don’t have quite enough time to lift it before security arrives though, so Kuttler tries to clone it, but only get 90% of the ‘code’.


Malcolm thinks he knows where Lonnie is, and brings Thea there, but refuses to arm her. She confronts him, saying that she wants to help him, but she can’t stand by as he hurts the innocent people that have only been brainwashed. Whether or not she could have gotten through to him is irrelevant though, as Malcolm shoots at him when he is distracted. He runs away though.

The team heads to a server farm to begin working against Rubicon. When alone with Green Arrow, Kuttler tries to relate to him about leading a duel life, but Green Arrow simply tells him it doesn’t work. Once Kuttler begins to attack Rubicon however, a ‘tapeworm’ in the code finds their location, which means it’s a matter of minutes before Hive finds them.


“POTUS and SECDEF have taken us to Defcon-2.”

Felicity and her father get to work together to take down Rubicon. Green Arrow and Spartan meet up with Lyla after she gives order to her men to take down the member of Hive that will be arriving shortly. Everything is in a state of emergency. The men do arrive, and it’s an all-out fire and fist fight.


Thea finds Lonnie after he knocked out Alex, and he asks her what I’m sure fans have been asking this whole time. “Why are you always at the mercy of some guy?” Thea then takes him on in hand-to-hand combat. When Alex awakens, Lonnie stops fighting to blast him with some electricity, but it’s not clear if it was enough to kill him.

At the data farm, Felicity working with her dad was able to take down Rubicon’s control on all the nukes except one. A nuke from Russia was just launched at Monument Point. Lyla calls in the endtime event, Felicity and her father continue to fight against Rubicon launching anymore nukes and trying to stop the one that was already launched.


“You’re going to need much bigger arrows.”

Felicity can’t override the nuke, so instead she changes the GPS coordinates that tell the nuke where Monument point is. Instead the nuke now hits Havenrock, where it killed tens of thousands of people. Felicity feels guilt, and Lyla tries to comfort her saying that if it had it Monument Point, then it would haven in the tens of millions of casualties.


Meanwhile, when Green Arrow and Spartan hear of the Mayor’s office being evacuated, they realize that Ruve has reason for wanting that office, and they head there thinking it is the entrance to Darhk’s Nexus Chamber. They find the secret entrance pretty easily in the basement, where Damien Darhk is surrounded by the power from his idol flowing through him, and is expecting them.

Assorted Musings

They still keep Katie Cassity in the credits, interesting.

What is with the bad lighting in the Russian Missile Attack Warning Center? Oh you have lamps shining down on your work station? That’s cute. How about full ceiling lighting? That’s a real thing, you know.


It’s always a joy to see Vinny Jones.

So…they need something from Curtis’s office, and arrange a big heist to get it instead of, oh I don’t know, ASKING CURTIS?


Lonnie calling Thea ‘mommy’ has to be the creepiest thing ever.

That nuke sure got from Russia to the Eastern Seaboard pretty fast.

So…couldn’t she have changed the GPS locations to somewhere without people nearby? Middle of the Pacific Ocean somewhere?


Apparently City Hall never changed the name to “Star City” on the official logos.

Again with the bad lighting in unrealistic settings! This show is starting to be really bad at that.


Wow, Ollie must be very concerned about his little sister. He mentioned her once.

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