Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

A rep from Warner Bros confirmed that an Arrow cast member will not be returning as a series regular in Season 4. Spoilers ahead, not only for last night's episode, but also for the series to come. If you don't want to know who is really gone, don't click.

You sure you want to know? Like, really sure?

It's Colton Haynes, AKA Arsenal AKA Roy Harper.

He is confirmed for one more episode this season and that's it. (Likely after returning upon hearing of Thea's supposed death.) The rep however also mentions that "Like all characters that exist in this universe, there will always be the potential for him to return moving forward"


As Ester points out, Roy was totally a "believable character" to be killed off. When he was stabbed by the guard in the prison, I believed it. They played it pretty well. When he was revealed to still be alive and running away from Starling city, it was a great moment. (Although he should have told Thea himself.)

This revelation that he is alive, however, makes me wonder why he wouldn't be returning to the show next season. Is he joining the ever growing list of characters on the spin off show along side Atom, Canary, and the rest? Or is the actor himself moving on?

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