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Arrow - Season 3 discussion **Spoilers**

I caught the last two episodes of Arrow this past weekend. There are definitely a few questions unanswered and a bit to chew on for season 3.

Here's the big thing from Season 2's finale that made me go really??? So Oliver chose to kill a mirikuru Slade by stabbing him in the eye with an arrow. You know it would have been more effective to stab him with the cure? With all those beams and crap crushing him without his super strength he doesn't escape and dies. The cure was more deadly than the arrow you dumbass!

So Thea doesn't want to be weak. Does anyone familiar with DC know if that means she becomes a villain?


I very badly want to see Slade break out of the ARGUS super max just to realize he's on the island with no way off. I want to see the look on his face.

Before the show ended I said now was the speech to Felicity about her being the one he really loved real or staged? I figured it was staged then they had that awkward moment making it even more aggravating. BLAST!

So no-Mirakuru Roy. Got it. No super powers. We've returned to an Arrow where nobody has super powers... I hope they saved a vial of the cure for Solomon Grundy.

We're still no closer to knowing about HIVE at the end of Season 2 than we were in episode 5. That is a bit disappointing.


Rochev is dead. At least Ollie won't have any more Drunken Hookup Fails with his father's old mistress.

Blood died. Called it. Waller appears to be integral to Season 3. Called it. None of the rest of the Arrow group died? Didn't see that coming. I'm assuming Detective Lance isn't dead. If he is perhaps that's what galvanizes Laurel to become the Black Canary. And yes she's going to take her sister's name to be a hero the city needs.


Looking forward to Season 3!

Also if Gotham is so bad why isn't Starling City that bad? I'm surprised the League of Assassins didn't help make sure Waller nuked the city.

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