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It’s 1:15AM, I just got off work half an hour ago. However, that’s not enough to stop me from doing the finial recap of Arrow for the season, especially since you other commentators make it interesting. Let’s talk the Arrow finale! Spoilers, ahoy.

“When did this become your life?”

Darhk is at the loft, confronting Felicity, Curtis, and Donna. He takes Donna hostage to convince Felicity to help her. Before Felicity has to make a decision, Green Arrow arrives along with Spartan. Darhk didn’t come alone either though, and his men barge in with machine guns.


In the chaos of it all Speedy arrives with Darhk’s daughter as her hostage. Darhk takes his daughter and leaves. He aslo manages to take the laptop with the program that is stopping Rubicon.

The team heads back to the Quiver, with some carrying Curtis who Darhk knocked unconscious and is in pretty bad shape. Diggs gets to work on him, while Felicity gets to work tracking down the laptop. When she gets the address, the team heads out to where the GPS signal is, but it’s a set up. Darhk left them a message, they have 2 hours to stop a crapload of ballistic missiles.


Lyla arrives at the Quiver to help, and we see the national preparations we should expect to see in the event of a global disaster. Felicity then finds that while the world has two hours, Star City only has 45 minutes until it’s bombed. What a coincidence! That’s how long is left in this episode.

“Someone’s got to provide a little optimism.”

Quinton arrives, and Felicity asks him to take her mother away. Lyla tells Diggs that ARGUS has a chopper to take them to Coast City to see Sara, but they don’t go. Then Ollie learns that Lyla sent her team to City Hall to try and locate the source of Darhk’s power, and he tries unsuccessfully to talk her out of it. The team moves in, and at the Quiver we hear the audio of them all dying. Lyla looks devastated.


That’s when Felicity was finally able to get through Cooper’s firewall to take him down so she can regain control of Rubicon. She isn’t in long though before Darhk’s men attack, guns a firing. Battle ensues. The Quiver is wrecked. Then Malcolm Merlyn arrives to save his daughter, again.

Ollie broods more over Laurel’s death. He says that while he tried to do things different, he was foolish to think he could do it all without descending into darkness. Then Curtis wakes up, the same cheery Curtis he always is. Then he tells Ollie about how he was going to leave Star City with his husband, until they saw Green Arrow on their TV.


“That was quite a speech, Oliver. It made me long for a voting booth.”

Meanwhile, Star City is a mess with rioters and looters. Olli, as himself, makes an appearance in the chaos. For some reason, when he stands on a cab and starts yelling at them, they stop what they’re doing and listen. He borrows’ Curtis’s words about how Star City is worth saving and uses them to motive those arounds him.


That’s when they all see the missile heading right towards them. Curtis and Felicity head to the roof to use line of sight to deflect it now that it’s close enough. One down, 15,433 to go, give or take.


The team all regroups again. Felicity was able to use the missile to back trace where it got its orders from to give them an address for Cooper. They head out to take down the threat at its source. The team heads towards him, minus Ollie who is heading instead for City Hall to take on Darhk.


“Now’s your chance.”

Darhk is still in his lair with his daughter when Green Arrow arrives. Next we see Darhk is blasting him through walls. Darhk says that it’s a mercy killing really, mentioning all the people who are dealing with losses.


A mob arrives to try and dell Darhk to get out of their city, they stand united. Green Arrow is then ablet o shoot an arrow at Darhk, and when he tries to retaliate his magic doesn’t work on Green Arrow. Without his magic, they take to hand to hand, as Darhk was also a member of the League of Assassins.

Merlyn and Speedy shoot their way through Darhk’s goons to get Felicity and Curtis to Cooper and his computer. It turns out Cooper is being tortured into helping Darhk, and Felicity asks for a moment alone with him. She talks him into helping them, saying that he always talked about saving the world. Darhk realizes what happened and finishes him off. Felicity gets to work.


Spartan and Lyla arrive to help Green Arrow. Darhk also brought along men, who decided to attack old school instead of using their machine guns. Good thing too, since all those civilians started attacking them on sight as well. Lance also arrives, because as he claims ‘that Oliver Queen guy gives one helluva speech.”

Finally, Green Arrow has Darhk at his mercy. Darhk goads him, saying that he doesn’t have it in him to actually kill him. Green Arrow barely hesitated though before stabbing him with one of his arrows.


“You’re the one who keeps me in line.”

Back at the Quiver the team lets go of the breath they were holding. Lance tell them that IAB cleared him and he was back on the force, but he decided to take some time away. He and Donna are going to spend some time traveling. (No, not that time traveling.)


After he leaves, Thea says that she also feels that she needs some time away. Threatening to kill Darhk’s daughter made her realize how much like her father she was becoming, and she didn’t like that path. She thought about what Laurel would say, and she knew that she’d say to get out.

That leaves the “Original Team Arrow” as Felicity says. Once she leaves though, Diggs tells Ollie about him and Lyla talking about Andy. He says that he also needs some time away. He needs to clear his head after everything that happened, take some time away from both the team and Star City.


After the dust settles, Ollie visits Laurel’s grave to talk to her about all that happened. Felicity arrives to comfort him, pointing out that regardless of whether or not he succumbed to the darkness, he succeeded at giving this city it’s hope back. Then Ollie gets a call from Thomas Kemp, who chairs the city council, and they choose to appoint him the interim Mayor, until the official reelection.

Assorted Musings

Coast City mentioned again! (Bunker where Sara was)

Damn, Thea was more of a badass than usual this episode.

The Curtis moment was touching, but if you think about it totally weird. Three terrorist attacks, and you decide to continue living there because a man in the mask said he was going to help?


SERIOUSLY?! We’re not going to mention that Merlyn is now a friendly ally again? I love John Barrowman, but c’mon!

Literally everything Ollie does with the masses is highly unrealistic.

I’m wondering if they’re going to shake up the team dynamic next season. Logic tells me we will likely have everyone return and move on, but I hope that they explore the possibilities a bit more.

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