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Arrow Season Finale Thoughts(Spoilers)

So Arrow wrapped up its 3rd season tonight as Team Arrow squared off against the League to once again save Starling City.

All in all a good episode that was trying to do a lot. It did not quite match the insanity of the Season 2 finale, but it had a lot of cool character moments. Starting with Barry in Nanda Parbat. I’m hoping his love of hot tubs and dungeons are something we come back to at some point. Also, Felicity revealing his secret identity in front of Merlyn was funny, up until the twist at the end.


It was hard not to feel that the showdown with Ra’s was a bit of a letdown as they tried to cram so much in. But the good stuff more than made up for it, from the debut of the Red Arrow, to Felicity as The Atom, to The Merlyn’s Head, and finally a science-y explosion that will in no way create a shrinking superhero. I wish they had a little more time to deal with Diggle and Captain Lance, but hopefully they will get some focus in the early part of the 4th season. Overall a bit too crammed and not as epic as the Season 2 finale, but it ended on a very satisfying note with Felicity and Oliver enjoying some happiness before their lives become miserable disasters again.

Also I loved how the flashbacks showed him becoming the killer he was when the show started while in the present he sought to move past that and take another step towards eventually becoming the Green Arrow.

Other thoughts:

The DC hero I think Diggle will become? The Guardian


It fits into the Arrow world better than him becoming a GL. No real basis for this, but every time someone has brought up Diggle getting a secret identity, I’ve thought Guardian was the one they would choose.

Not loving the decision making with regards to Merlyn, but I’m glad they kept him as part of the show. I will be interested to see how much of a role he plays in the HIVE storyline. Hopefully we will get more Nyssa as well.


I wonder how long it will be before Felicity figures out she owns Ray’s company?

A fun season and eagerly awaiting season 4.

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