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There was a longer, more erudite post, but..jack that shit. Code ate it. Be careful—it could popup anywhere at any time in any post...Any way, the thrust was this: "Conclaves, where your pencils at? Let's get some challenging on up in this place."

I did one, where nctrns encouraged me to pick a theme and publish daily for a month, calendar or no. It was a lot of fun, and a lot of slash (my call). The 30 Day Drawing Challenge is similar, but less thematic. But very interesting. Favourite word was a bitch, let me tell you. Tomorrow will be a vacation.


I've seen remixes before—usually in fic, but the premise is exciting. You look at what of my work I say is up for grabs, and you pic one to draw again—your way. Meanwhile, I'm doing the same with someone else's work until everyone has a pictoral set of instructions.

Three, the group picks a theme for the go. Everyone is assigned someone they start, and someone that they finish. Say, the theme is "road trip." everyone draws a *sketch* of their idea for a road trip. Now, you hand this to the person you'd be started for. They take your idea and your sketch, and out of it blooms a picture.

I'm not good at organising, but...periodic prompt challenges, remixes, sketch switch—any of those grab your attention? Also, there's a reverse bang when the art people draw something that asks a couple questions and those adept at spinning tales work out the best 1000 words for that picture.

Let's do something! Bend at my need to spew (and learn) more drawing. I have to bang at this style more and more to see what it can do.


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