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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Artificial Intelligence and Robots Rights

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In my history of science and technology class, we got to discussing: What is a human? One of the things that was put on the list was artificial intelligence. The response to this was mostly just someone laughing and saying that 'they'd enslave us all.'* It did lead me to wonder what your thoughts on AI would be.


Imagine, if you will, that in a local newspaper there is a quirky story about a robot who is suing his owner to be emancipated from them. The robot is tired of having his brain, or his program, messed with. The story gets picked up, George Dvorskey has a field day, law blogs end up picking it up to discuss if a court is even able to rule in such a case, and I'm sure that at least one news organization calls this a stupid attention grab and doubts that the robot is even trying to sue. At least one late night talk show jokes about their roomba demanding their freedom.

Immediately it becomes in vogue to discuss the case of robot emancipation. While there had been some rumblings about true AI happening, and robotic programs were getting more sophisticated by the day, it still comes as a bit of a surprise to everyone that this is even happening. Most experts agree that this robot isn't just a sophisticated chat bot and appears to be thinking for itself.


And one night, people on io9 and odeck end up having a get-together and this subject comes up. You're asked: What do you think should be done?

Do you think that this is true AI?

Can a robot/AI even be considered a person, and if so when would you define it?

Can a robot/something with AI be murdered? If so, what sort of penalty would you give for someone who murdered a robot?


Could changing the programing be considered assault?

If more AI happens, should a human be allowed to marry them?

If you would, I'd really appreciate you exploring these concepts in the comments. I really like to hear your thoughts, and as I rode home on the bus today, in between reading a book on slave ships for a class, I realized that I wasn't completely sure what I thought.


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