Though, this is NOT the actual stuff that I want to get rid of.

But, this is the amount of stuff, and similar to stuff, that I should get rid of.

I don't think that you can see, but there is luggage, and there are stacks of books, and then there's laundry and stuff on top of that. And as much as I'd like to just toss the laundry, I can't do that.


Basically, I grabbed most of the stuff that I thought would be in someone's way, and I temporarily put it here, cause I didn't have anyplace else to put it. And I had to get it out of the way, because today the bug guy comes to deal with the termites.

I thought I also had a picture of the termites, but I can't find it now. Not the actual termites, but these little marks they make on the walls. Somehow, not what I expected when I first saw them, but I'm used to it now. So I was going to take a picture and show you what it looks like when you first see it, but...anyway, if you see this little blob of mud on the wall that shouldn't be there, and it's spring...termites.


So, when that happens, call a professional. Just move stuff out of his way first. You might be used to stepping over stacks of books on the bedroom floor and the flux capacitor in the kitchen and the half finished Halloween costume in the bathroom and whatever is blocking the dryer when you're not doing laundry, but other people don't like to do that.

So, while I don't want to get rid of this stuff that's on the bed, in the next three months or so I would like to get rid of this amount of other stuff, so I'd have someplace to put this stuff away so that I don't have to put it on the bed when I'm cleaning or when someone comes to the house.


Okay, so I guess the posts will be called "Should it stay or should it go?" I'm surprised that there wasn't a lot of votes for "Fuck, Marry, Kill: Hoarding Edition", though that first word really isn't my favorite word and I'd be more comfortable changing it to Frak. Quasi Hatrack still really wants it to be called "Burtonian Institute suggests finding something relevant here", though I think "The O Deck suggests finding something relevant here" would make more sense, but I didn't see anyone voting for that.

Okay, so I'll find some stuff that I might want to get rid of, and then you can help convince me that I should get rid of it, or maybe you'll tell me that I should not get rid of it. I expect there to be lots of jokes, but I can't tell that you are joking unless ;). So you have to do that if you are joking, or when you tell me that I must not get rid of whatever it is, that I must keep it forever, this will be a problem and I'll never get rid of anything.