Mr. Takei is crediting Nana Ueda with it without...linking to said person, so I guess that's who the art credit goes to.

On the topic of trouble, instead of tribble, I would like to apologize to the O-Deck for having a duplicate post yesterday about tiger genomes (I honestly didn't see the post on the main page when I was writing up my own post). I would also like to apologize to the main page for having posts promoted there twice in the past week at times wherein I was too busy to be extra diligent about the comments coming in. My last apology is for creating a post wherein I have to dismiss ignorant or just plain hate-filled comments. These include such wonderfully helpful comments such as:

You guys can be such amazing idiots. ... Freaking wake up and quit being puppets
I'm not sure who the "you guys" is referring to here.

Also, at numerous times during the Paleozoic and Precambrian, atmospheric CO2 was 10 times more than now, yet Earth the Cinder didn't happen, even though Snowball Earth did.
I'm wavering on dismissing this comment, since there's an explainable reason why Snowball Earth happened, and it might be helpful to try to teach the commentator why. But based on the commentators hit and run commenting history, that might be a waste of time.

Climate scientists are composed of carbon aren't they? I say we burn them as an experiment and calculate the heat released.
I ... uh... Huh.

So we'd grow grain in Siberia, Northern Canada and Antarctica...sounds like a small price to pay for summer year round...
Is this actually what real humans think would happen? Like I honestly don't know how daft someone has to be to think that Antarctica would be good farmland anytime in the near future.

Record ice formed in the arctic this year

Anyway. I'd like to thank the fun of having posts promoted to the main page and I apologize for all the trouble I've caused. I shall play you the song of my people.