If it's still broke, don't fix it.

Good to see that in picking up all our shiny new Kinja that everyone hates, we kept plenty of the broken old Kinja that everyone hated*. Case in point, let me just insert an image via this handy, formatting toolbar. I'll click the button and paste the URL…

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_PdIpP5rm bD8/SwC1mmIf0FI/AAAAAAAAA8U/ctIIdQS6JCA/s400/CharlieFootballLucy1978.jpg


Oh that's right. I have to hit the button, and then click the text field in the Image Inserter because my cursor doesn't automatically go there.

Nothing like making an extra click or two (and a buttload of abuse of the backspace key) mandatory to keep you on your toes when you're trying to replace actual discussion with gifs…

*Actually, I don't know that I ever heard anyone else complaining about this. Am I just denser on this matter than everyone else, or just the only one who cares enough to gripe about an extra click when there are new metrics on which comments get shown when and to whom to gripe about?