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Ascension first impressions - SPOILERS.

That was disappointing. There seem to be some nice ideas, but it was not very good overall. The idea that they don't use every corner of the spaceship and there are secret/disused/abandoned areas is just silly. They would be very pressed for space.

I am far less interested in this as an ongoing series if they are not really in a generation ship, far from home with no help available. It changes into a serious version of Pauly Shore's Bio-Dome, except the people in the dome don't know they are in an experiment. Nobody wants that. I guess it excuses the spooky little girl a little, but it still makes me think I was misled and I would rather have what they were advertising than what they are actually selling.


With all the conniving and weapons (even improvised) around, hard to believe this is the first serious violent crime in 50 years. Stokes threatens a guy with a knife to his neck.

If you are going to have Tricia Helfer run a string of space hookers to consolidate her political power, fine, do that. But if we never meet any of the girls and get to know them as more than just short purple dresses then it is going to be creepy, and not in a good way.

Most importantly, the pacing was awful. It was just so rushed. Give a scene time to breathe. Channel the 1960's you purport to be portraying and slow things down a little. Just as an example, the fight below decks goes from inspection to standoff to brawl to radiation storm in about 40 seconds. There is no time at all to build drama over any of these elements and that is the way the entire episode was. Since they can't seem to generate tension with directing and cinematography, they try to do it with melodramatic acting which ends up being really bad acting.

I do like the whole retro-future perfect society thing. It channels a Bioshock vibe that is very welcome. But I find myself hoping it gets a lot better over the next two nights or else I won't be sorry if it doesn't get picked up as a series.

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