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Ascension - Second thoughts. SPOILERS!

Tonight was like a totally different show. It wasn't really good, but it was better.

I would still rather have the generation ship, but they clearly would not. I didn't notice them mentioning their destination, point of no return, or fragile environment once. Even when somebody tried to blow it up twice. You would think that a bomb on a spaceship would concern people. You would be wrong.


We kind of meet a space hooker as a person, like I asked for. But all we get is catty women. Not good. Meanwhile, in the real world, we hear about how The USS Ascension knows not of homosexuals. You know what would be better than telling us that? Showing them doing it instead of just showing a bunch of pretty blonde women wearing short skirts to get ahead. And please keep sexualizing the nineteen year old and having her love it. that's not at all creepy. Especially when old politicians lust after her. And it exists as a pressure cooker to develop new science like MRIs and polymers. That tries to answer the "what the hell is the point" question. Well, I guess if you want to channel Theodore Sturgeon's Microcosmic God, you could have done worse.

I thought we had gotten rid of creepy girl. Nope. Their biggest technological development is psychic little girls. Well, I guess they are showing instead of telling and it is a plot straight out of the early 1970's, so that's good?

Harris is such a bad liar. Why does he need to steal the sea horse? He can't get one on the rest of the earth? Is it just me, or is his wife/girlfriend look an awful lot like Juliet, who he stole the necklace from. Are they clones? Also, "the greatest undertaking in history?" You are pretending to go to space. People actually DID go to space.

After tonight I feel like they set out to make the generation ship show they sold us, then decided it wasn't working and edited it to fit the weird twist so they could make this show, which would explain the rushed pace of the first one. It's all just a tad odd.

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