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Ash vs Evil Dead Megathread

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and ghouls, Ashley J. Williams is back! As are those wonderfully wicked villains harassing our hero at every turn, the Deadites! Some of you might be wondering why this post is going up so early, that’s simple: When you’re an insomniac you don’t sleep and when you don’t sleep you have to find ways to entertain yourself into the wee hours and around 5 AM last night I made an unexpected discovery. Ash vs Evil Dead was up and online via the Starz Play app.

It’s also available via the Starz Play website.

So assuming your affairs are in order you can watch this amazing, Amazing, AMAZING show right now! No having to wait to get the privilege of seeing this absolutely absurd, gruesomely ridiculous, and insanely over the top show. And yes, it is all those things and so much more.


Ash is back, baby! Hail to the King!

Watch it at your convenience now or wait til later and then bring it on back and let’s get to discussing this show. I dare anyone to say it isn’t absolutely fun. I was grinning the entire time I watched it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I’m gonna watch it again. I guarantee that by the time Halloween is behind us I’ll have watched this easily half a dozen times. THERE ARE PEOPLE OUT THERE WHO NEED ME TO SHOW THEM THIS! I’m doing it for them! Not myself! : P

A full recap of the show will likely be up on my personal Kinja blog later tonight, much later. I’ll link to it when it is.

But seriously, watch the damn episode! I need to geek out over this with others!

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