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Asimov's Foundation reaches Kindle UK at last

Isaac Asimov’s classic saga of a crumbling galactic empire, The Foundation Trilogy, is coming Kindle UK - at last! All three books, Foundation, Foundation & Empire and Second Foundation are due on May 3rd. What could possibly go wrong?

When I was given a Kindle, and it’s a long, long time ago, the idea of a portable library had an extreme appeal - all my favourite books in one place. And The Foundation Trilogy was up in my top picks, such an obvious choice. Except like The Mule throwing a random element into Hari Seldon’s master plan they only had the third book Second Foundation. That also ceased to be available soon after.


So periodically, I have been hitting that “I’d like to read this book on Kindle” button, writing to publishers, the Asimov Estate and I’m not sure who else. All to no avail.

Anyway, someone has seen fit to put me out of my misery and the three books are now available on Kindle. Can I expect the sequels to follow?


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