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Ask Me Anything About Algebra/Geometry/Teaching - Quasi Hatrack

So, right off the top - I consider myself a math teacher not a mathematician. If you're looking for explanations of groups, rings, and fields you are probably definitely going to be disappointed. I haven't done calculus in 25 years and non-Euclidean geometry made my head hurt. But I'm really good at algebra and geometry

I've been teaching for about twenty years and the last 15 of that has been math, both in middle school and community college. If there's something you want to know about why math works the way it does or how teachers operate ask away. If you post problems for me to solve I'll put on my teaching pants* and expect you to do the work with a little guidance from me. It is not my job to do your homework!


I'll take questions for as long as you have them but I might slow down on responding after dinner.

*I won't actually put on my teaching pants. It's my day off and sweats are much more comfortable.

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