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**Update- I'm back, and I'll keep this running until sometime this afternoon.**

Ok, so the first part of the afternoon has sucked, but lets just skip to the good stuff.

First up, the actual serious info. I've been working in the childcare industry for about a decade. I've worked with non profits, public school systems, privately owned centers, on the East coast, and in Texas. Most of the changes in employment I've had were due to moving out of state (gotta love being married to a gov't worker). If not for that, I'd have probably gotten my act together and gone back to school, ending in me becoming a Kindergarten teacher. (Holy Run-on Sentence, Batman!) I've worked with 2's up through 4's the most. I did a short stint with toddlers, and after-school aged kids. I've worked with many wonderful, and some not so wonderful, teachers over the years, and paid attention to all of them. Ask me anything you want, I'll answer to the best of my ability. If I can't answer something, I'll get back to you after talking to some of my co-workers next week.


Next, I'm a novice origamist. I've folded paper repetitively since my childhood, but wouldn't consider myself an expert. I have a plethora of links with information, diagrams, and videos. I also partake in a very active g+ origami group that is visited regularly by a handful of masters.

And last, but not least, I am a long time Defender of Sluggy Freelance. Being a defender means I've had the privilege of peaking behind the veil at the inner working of Pete Abrams. I make fan art, cause I'm obsessed. Make speculations about what will happen, has happened, what actually did happen, and characters favorite colors. The past year has been an interesting one for the Sluggy Crew. Mr. Abrams has come out and openly said the end (of the comic) is approaching. The past year He has been arranging the stage for the final act.

Please, ask me about Sluggy!

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