Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Morning all! I'm here to answer questions you might have about the art known as illustration and the wonderful world of the art gallery.

Some background first about my expertise; I've been studying art and illustration for five years in college and university in the UK, this is a rather different system than those of you in the US will be familiar with. Involving first one or two years of "Art Foundation" in which you get to try your hand at every discipline before picking a focus, and then moving onto a three year BA course in your chosen area of study, in my case illustration, for which I was lucky enough to get a place on one of the most applied to courses in the country. I graduated last year and am currently taking time off to rest, think, and build my work portfolio before moving into MA.


For the same length of time I have also been working as a gallery volunteer, looking after, and occasionally helping to construct works for a small local gallery dealing with site specific installation art, I have also briefly assisted at a larger gallery with a permanent collection of paintings and drawings.

So ask whatever questions you may have about this discipline: What is it? How is it different from other arts? How do I draw? (Ok the answer is just practice, and also hands and feet are bigger than you think.) Do I need to draw? Etc and so on. Also ask any questions you might have about working within fine art galleries, and I shall try my darnedest to answer them.

So with that covered, many thanks to Drillpress for the opportunity to host this little Q&A, which I'm going to keep open for a week or so. Off we go!

Illustration: The Battle of the Beaux and The Belles - Aubrey Beardsley 1896 (because he's the best, and also the source for my avatar image)

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