Hey everybody! I’m Mythbri and I work in occupational health and safety. I currently serve as the safety officer for a manufacturing plant, and earlier this year I was certified as an Occupational Health and Safety Technologist by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals. I act as the Radiation Safety Officer and Laser Safety Officer for my plant, and I’m a certified instructor in First Aid, CPR and AED (National Safety Council curriculum). I also dabble in industrial hygiene. Please send me any questions you might have about workplace safety! I am most familiar with U.S. regulations, although Canada’s regulations are similar. Please note that my answers will contain no legal advice and shouldn’t be taken as such, and I would also urge you to speak with the person in charge of safety at your own workplace if you have any concerns.

I’m no expert on animals, but I do know a bit about them. The animal series that I write are more for my benefit than yours, since it gives me a methodical way to learn about various groups of animals (I have spreadsheets, people). The series that I have completed so far are as follows:

And my current series can be followed through these tags:

Ask me anything!