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Ask Me Anything About Romania - a_blackpanther

Hi. As you may have caught on, I'm from Romania - that weird little country on the outskirts of the EU. feel free to ask me anything about it. And because a posts I did a long long time ago on fanfic got main paged and people had questions - I'll answer stuff about online fandom, fanfic and the like.

Now, I just live here, so answers may be skewed by opinion, experience and the teachings of the public education system. I also reserve the right to Google stuff if your question is about that obscure bit of Romanian history.


Any answers on fanfic and fandom may also be subjective. Please keep in mind that I do not speak for ALL fans (and don't presume to do so). I also don't write fanfic - I read a lot (and contribute fanart). I just think by and large fandom is a great place and that it's generally misrepresented/misunderstood in the media, so more conversations about it should include actual members and be less "OMG! WTF?!".

This will pretty much be open forever - but answers may take a while, especially after this weekend. I'm also pretty busy today, so answers may not be immediate.

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