When they're revealed tomorrow evening, the new Doctor will face a bombardment of questions from Zoe Ball. One of them could be yours!

The BBC are soliciting questions for The Twelfth Doctor via email, with the chance that it'll be put to the actor during tomorrow's live show - which is now confirmed to be simulcast via BBC America in the US, SPACE in Canada, and ABC1 in Australia:

What would you like to ask the next Doctor? Email us your questions and we'll send a selection of them to the team making the show and some of them will be put to the next Doctor.

We obviously can't guarantee that every question you give us will be asked so try to think of the most original question, or the funniest, or something that you feel might interest people but may not have been asked before. We want great questions from you, so have a think about what you want to know and we'll make sure the next Doctor answers some of them live on air during Sunday's show.

If you want to send something over, pop an email to thedoctor@bbc.co.uk with the subject line 'Next Doctor Questions', including your question, name, age and location.

You've got until Midday BST tomorrow (that's about 7am Eastern).

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