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ASoIaF QuickieRant I just need to get off my chest. I don't think it's spoilery.

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So, Lyanna Stark might have loved Rhaegar Targaryan and consensually ran off together? NO. Way. No duh. It only took 2-3 go-rounds with the audiobooks for me to come to this conclusion. What with all the accounts of Rhaegar being a right decent dude and all. It started to make sense— Lyanna's deathbed plea of "Promise me, Ned" and her blue roses from Rhaegar, AND Ned choosing his words carefully talking to Robert in the crypts. A bunch of things telegraphed that I needed to stub my toe on before I noticed.

*and to add: it was pretty much Barstan's final chapter(s) commentary in ADoD that put me to thinking of Rhaegar. Reminding me of the scene with Dany in the Warlock's tower.


What else don't I know? Since I know nothing? Someone else please confirm my suspicion that Varys is actually a Targaryan. Any other wildass speculation?

Art by Felicia Cano. An old school M:tG artist from like wayback I think.

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