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For this week's Tumblr Tuesday I thought I'd go with a theme rather than a single tumb*. These are the Game of Thrones tumbls I follow.

http://mymomwatchesgameofthrones.tumblr.com/ - Just a bit of silliness - the author's mother's comments while watching GoT.


http://tumblrofthrones.tumblr.com/ General ephemera: gifsets, videos, pics of Kit Harrington topless - the usual.

http://boiledleather.com/ - Book-readers only from this point. They talk about the show from the viewpoint of someone who know's what's happening.

http://wicnet.tumblr.com/ - production news. etc.

What GoT sites do you frequent, tumblr or otherwise, let me know in the comments.


*what is the name for a single tumblr thing?

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