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At What Point Does Game of Thrones Get Good?

As many of my fellow ODeckers might be aware I’ve long been a skeptic and critic of Game of Thrones due to largely what turned from sporadic sex and violence into needless sadism and gore that seemed more to generate controversy than to actually develop characters. However after the positive reception for Season 6 and what I’m informed is a large reduction from the overindulgence of the previous seasons I decided to take the plunge and once again try to get into it and since last weekend I’ve binged through the first two seasons and honestly I have to ask at what point does it start to get really good.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to say it’s bad or terrible as a show but after watching a whole third of the show I’m still failing to see why people see it as so amazing compared to other serious dramas that’ve come before.


One of the things that I think is really screwing with my enjoyment are the characters. I mean I loved the Arya-Tywin stuff this season as it added depth to a character we previously just heard from his kids perspective, any scene with Tyrion and Bronn talking is an instant classic (Bronn is by far my favourite character), and Jon Snow having spent near two seasons just looking gormless is finally going somewhere with the introduction of Ygritte but some of the others are just so boring.

After two seasons of shite, including Ned’s death and an attempted rape, Sansa is still this excruciatingly wide-eyed girl who still goes on about Joffrey being her one true love. I’m sorry sweetie but your until recently betrothed is a vicious sadist and you’re the only one who seems to miss it still. And that brings me to the little shitbag himself. Yes we get it you’re a big sadist I don’t need to see you drown a man in wine or get two prostitutes to beat the living shite out of each other to prove it. Where’s the character depth and I’ve only got worse to come with Mr Sausage Waver yet to be introduced.

In terms of plot I’m getting behind most of it but every other episode there seems to be a sudden curveball that makes no sense or has little reasoning attached to script decisions. Despite defending him as a brother and going to war with him Theon turns traitor exceedingly fast and Renly has what half an episode before biting it and for what, to see Dragon Lady and her band of merry slaves dehydrate in the desert with the whole Qarth plotline could’ve been cut down to about 30 minutes total really.

Basically as the title says I just want your opinion as to what point would you say the show actually starts matching what people say about it. Do I have to slog another season or two or am I just about to hit it?

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