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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Attack of the Japanese Beetles!

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Help odeck! My raspberry plants are being razed by these relentless, nigh-unstoppable monsters. I've taken to destroying them one-by-one, but after a grueling month of crushing over 30 of these things a day, I'm still losing the war. My raspberry patch is at most 1x2 meters long, and I've probably killed 1000 of these things, it's madness.*


I've done my research as best I can, any odeckers have other advice besides picking them off one by one or focusing on the grubs that could already be eating my raspberries from the roots up by using milky spore or nematodes? I've read that crushed beetle juice is a deterrent, but I'm wary that they'll just cause more beetles to come because it'll make everything smell like beetles.

*yes, I'm aware how crazy it is for one person to dedicate so much time killing so many individual bugs, but when you see how obscene it looks when there is a cluster of them feasting on your beautiful, ripe raspberries, it gets personal so fast and I also may be a tad bit obsessive.

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