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Attention Liz! Your present has arrived!

Yes, this is (finally) your gift from your not so Secret Santa.

In order to make this the best gift rec SS ever, I did some social media stalking and realized we have a few fandoms in common. And then I went searching my old LJ haunts for stuff (it's depressing how many artists left. :( ) But still, I figured it's much less like that you'd already seen some of the older stuff, so...


I know you love Harry Potter, so I've some icons for you. These came out right after the seventh book, and I find them hilarious and appropriately snarky. And pretty. (In their original size, not kinjafied versions)


tonksified @ livejournal (more at the link)

Then I found some very pretty Doctor Who and Harry Potter (And GoT and Fringe and Sanctuary) graphics and some more icons:


by talkofcake @lj

And also some very pretty Once Upon a Time icons, becaue if there's one thing this show is good at is looking pretty:


by endearest@lj (in various posts, also Avengers, Harry Potter, DW, GoT)

And you might like this really cute Doctor Who fanart:


by caycowa @deviantart

This really wouldn't be a gift post without anything Pacific Rim, now would it?


by boomsheika@tumblr

How awesome is this though? Absolutely gorgeous.


by Samuel Ho @tumblr (and tons more here)

And to make up for being late here's a cute corgi puppy gifset:


And there's more to come! (But I don't want to delay this whole thing anymore!)

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