So, I'm big on Android and Google and all that. The Auto Awesome feature they've got with photos now is actually doing lots of nifty stuff for the holidays. They recently added a "snowflake" effect where you can shake your phone and snowflakes fall on the pic and you can shake it again to save the pic.

Last night I took pictures of the lights I helped a friend put up at his house and of my Christmas tree at home. Just now I noticed they had some Google magic done to them. See for yourself.

Amusingly enough, the twinkling effect on the drummer men (although one is partially obscured from view) actually looks like that in person. The other lights don't do that twinkling thing.


The lights on our tree are solid, so no twinkling actually going on. Considering how insanely creepy my house is at night, on our unlit just barely outside city limits neighborhood, I don't think I could handle the silence with lights twinkling like crazy. I'd assume every shadow was actually a serial killer about to strike.

Anyway, just thought I'd share. Seemed like a neat find just now.