There's tons of apps in the Play Store that can make automating various things on your phone as simple as set and forget. However, some of them (like my previously preferred app, Tasker) have a learning curve that calling "steep" would be a disservice to the word steep. Outright insane and difficult would be the better term for them. Numerous others offer similar functionality with a much easier learning curve, but at a cost that makes them not worth paying.

Until today! IFTTT has finally come to Android and there are numerous recipes available that can make things incredibly easy on you. Mute your phone when you get to work? There's a recipe for that! Unmute your phone when you get home? There's a recipe for that! Want to know the weather for the day in the morning? Covered! And so on and so forth.

I highly recommend checking out the article linked to below from LifeHacker touching on this app and some of the recipes for it. I've made use of quite a few myself already. You won't regret it if automation is something you wouldn't mind having done on your behalf on your device. And just FYI, I'll likely do a post specifically on automation (using this app and Tasker and discussing a few others) in next week's Wednesday Android Update post.