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Autumn! Cold! Darkness! Halloween!

It's that time of year again: the time of parties and costumes and when everyone can let their geek flag fly. No, not Comic-Con.

Yes, I'm talking about Halloween.

As usual, I've been thinking about what costume to wear to the 6th Annual Halloween Party in Realm Beyond the Gratings. In the past few year's I've come up with a brilliant last-minute idea. But today I actually came up with a good one! I think I'll be Wonder Woman. She's instantly recognizable, and with the recent hoopla I guess it just... fits.


Not the usual starry bikini kind, but that of the more recent update, with the actual pants (yo, Brits, stop snickering!). But I've a problem: I'm a Marvel girl trough and trough, so the version of I'm most familiar with is that of the old TV show, and glimpses of cartoons and online chatter about her that I've caught. Also, no one sells comics here. And you can imagine what googling "Wonder Woman costume" turns up. And which is her latest costume?

And as it's been the tradition for all 6 years, I want to make/throw together the costume myself. So do you guys have any good resources to look at for this?

Also, what are you guys going to be this Halloween? Or do you have any suggestions for other costumes? Recognizable bad-ass female characters are hard to find. And I've no skills for making a Weeping Angel costume.

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