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Avengers Age of Ulton ➕ 🐺, 🐏, & ❤*

What if I told you there was an easter egg hidden in Age of Ultron that referenced a certain demonic law firm last seen sending LA to a hell dimension? Would you believe me

Would you believe Joss Whedon? Because in the director’s commentary for Avengers Age of Ultron he confirmed that this brief image of masked men during Thor’s mind-trip to an Asgard facing Ragnarok is indeed a nod to Wolfram & Hart from Angel.


Does that mean that Buffy is connected to the MCU via this easter egg?

Nah. Just Joss having a bit of fun. But there was that one time that Joss did consider connecting Buffy to the Marvel comics universe. Which...well just read this report from a 2013 Comic Con panel hosted by Joss:

One of Whedon’s greatest contributions to the comic book world has to be his work on Astonishing X-Men, but what you may not know is that the comics almost included a Buffy The Vampire Slayer nod that would have blown people’s minds. Talking about the Buffy episode “Normal Again” – where Buffy begins to believe that she may not actually be a vampire slayer but rather just a patient in a nuthouse – the writer/director said that in the X-Men comics he almost had Cyclops (who shares a last name with Buffy) reference a cousin of his who was in a mental institution and believed that she was a demon hunter. He ended up not being able to find a good place to include the line in conversation, so it was eventually scrapped.


I wonder how Buffy would have felt about that?


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