Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Anyone one else remember that moment where Peter Parker tore out Tony’s heart before fading away into ash?

Did anyone else instantly use that to instantly place all the ‘ash deaths’ in a special less-emotional place because of COURSE they’re all coming back.

Nobody told us this was going to happen. The Russos are writing a movie with emotional stakes and amazing actors and they’ve been constantly subverting our expectations.


I invite you all to rewatch the movie and consider the possibility that what we’re seeing is the FINAL timeline. Pretend you’re watching Infinity Wars: Part 2 and we’re waiting for Infinity Wars: Part 1 between now and then we’ll see some great multi-movie BTTF2 action (I bet the Russo brothers saw that one)

I’ve rewatched with that approach, and it seems like the pieces fall into place MUCH better that way. What I believe is being set up is a timeline in which another Tony and Strange made the sacrifices necessary to set up that final confrontation, and we already saw the best possible future.

As for WHY other futures are worse, I’m not all that confident destroying the mind stone was anything other than a very bad idea with cosmic implications. ‘Destroying a stone’ seems to be a very common solution, who says that’s a GOOD solution?

Meanwhile, we’ve got replacements waiting in the wings, don’t we?


Edit: I really didn’t properly touch above on one of the more fun aspects of all this... if you were given the chance to make a bunch of closed loops out of all the previous MCU movies to clean things up and establish an nice clean timeline...what would you do?


Edit 2: Might have some unexpected support. I’m kind of operating under the assumption here that writers don’t like it when we cheapen death and that’s a motivation...might be on to something.

Also, I REALLY like the idea of the Guardians movies we saw being part of the ‘Iron Baby’ timeline Tony was dreaming about and the Peter Quill we saw in Infinity War was the one we never saw in the MCU ‘main’ timeline.


If so, I predict/crave ONE glorious, delightful return to make up for all the trauma (in that he isn’t necessarily dead)...

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