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Avengers & X-Men: Axis #1 Opens With A Bang

Welp, events have finally reached their boiling point. Rick Remender's pen has brought us a horrific thing: a nigh-omnipotent Red Skull, now the Red Onslaught. But there is a bright side! SIXIS AXIS has managed to achieve something almost miraculous… Avengers and X-Men, working together. Mass hysteria!

The comic opens on the Avengers in Los Angeles, fighting Plant Man. They're at each other's throats, bickering and fighting. Hell, Thor throws his axe at the new Captain America, at one point. (Hi Sam Wilson! Hi!) Despite their grouchiness, they still defeat Plant Man, and discover that in-fighting is the result of a psychic assault— one happening on a global scale.


So Havok is having a bit of a day. His Uncanny Avengers are fighting an uphill battle against the Red Onslaught. (A tip of the hat to Adam Kubert, whose talents seem well-suited to epic-sized conflict. His work here is just top-notch.)

Magneto killed the Red Skull, which was apparently just what he needed in order to become the Red Onslaught. I don't know why he has tentacles now, exactly. Maybe they're free with the supervillain upgrade package? Seems like it'd be a shame NOT to have tentacles when you're suddenly 100 feet tall and sporting horns.

The Red Skull is nothing if not consistent. Since his clone got his mitts on Charles Xavier's remains, he's been after one thing: The Scarlet Witch. He needs her for… something... beyond become a giant tentacled embodiment of hate. That's been scratched off his bucket list.


Magneto finds Cyclops, Quentin Quire, and Child Apocalypse— but they don't have long to talk before Cyclops and Havok take the fight outside, where Ahab pulls a Hunger Games and harpoons a twelve year old!


I did not see that coming.

At the Avengers' Tower, Wasp worries about Havok, with good reason. They couple's been through the wringer, lately. They still remember their time in an alternate timeline when they had a kid, a little girl that doesn't exist anymore. The loss still weighs heavily on her. (Kubert's artwork here is just stellar.)


The Super-Nazi keeps trying to get into the Scarlet Witch's head. Fortunately, Wanda has Rogue to keep her away from him. (They do a fine job of illustrating how far the two have come. They came to blows in Uncanny Avengers #1.) Cue the Cavalry, in the form of the Avengers and the X-Men. (Their stand-up routine leaves something to be desired, but I'll never get tired of watching Colossus hit things.)

The hits keep coming, courtesy of even more Avengers and X-Men. There's just tons of them. They seem to be enough to put the Red Onslaught on the ropes… until he unveils his own secret weapon. Well. Weapons, plural.


Somewhere along the line, Tony Stark designed and manufactured a pair of adamantium sentinels. This seems highly unlikely, but what the hell, why not.


I haven't the foggiest idea of how, where, or when the Red Skull got a hold of them, but he's definitely had 'em long enough to give them a paint job.

As this is an 'event' comic, I suspect the consequences of Russkie's actions will be far-reaching. The good guys have quite a mess on their hands. Still! I can't wait for the next issue to arrive, Wednesday!


The writing is sharp, there's been no shortage of action, and there's even some grand work done with the characters' relationships, which makes it significantly easier to care about what's happening. Go pick it up, if you haven't already!

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