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Back from Qwglhm

Not quite. Qwglhm is supposedly in the Outer Hebrides and we went to Islay and Jura this time, which are in the Inner Hebrides. But the accent isn’t any easier to understand and sheep are the only source of traffic jams.

We went to every distillery on Islay and Jura.


Once back on the mainland we hit the three working distilleries in Campbelltown.

And finally to Glengoyne on the way back to Glasgow.


Glengoyne is the farthest south Highland distillery. In fact, this picture is technically taken from the Lowlands, which are literally on the other side of the street from the distillery. When Glengoyne opened, Highland distilleries paid lower taxes than Lowland ones, so the owners successfully lobbied to have the line drawn just below their property. These days, Glengoyne is distilled in the highlands and aged in the lowlands.

Lots of great souvenirs this time.


I must have been drinking when I took that picture, based on the focus. From left to right:

  • Arran 18. We got it at a shop and regretted not going to the Isle of Arran.
  • Bunnahabhain 13 year Moine (peated) finished in Marsala casks. Distillery only.
  • Bruichladdich 2006 Bere Barley. Travel retail exclusive, bought at the distillery. I was disappointed in Bruichladdich. They re-opened in 2001 and had some great stuff. Now they sell a lot of younger whisky and Octomore, which is basically a stunt. They were sold in 2015, maybe Remy-Cointreau is the problem?
  • Kilchoman 7 year single cask. Distillery only. A relatively young distillery (they opened in 2005) so they don’t have anything very old.
  • Bowmore 17 year Warehouseman’s Selection. Distillery only.
  • Jura One for You. 18 years old. Distillery only now, used to be available but very hard to find.
  • Jura One and All. 20 years old. Same as above.
  • Bunnahabhain 18 single cask by Cadenhead. Cadenhead is an independent bottler. They buy casks from distilleries, bottle it and sell it. Very hard to find, if not impossible, in the US.
  • 200ml of Glengoyne that I blended myself on their “Masterclass” tour.
  • Jura 21. Bought at Duty Free on the way home. Jura recently changed their range so this was available on clearance at a big discount.
  • Balblair 1991 cask strength. Exclusive to Duty Free at Glasgow airport. Not even available at the distillery (I think). We went there last trip.

As always, the people were friendly and we had a lot of fun.

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