Hello O-Deckers! Over at Backtalk every week we have a different theme and this week it's space!

We don't want to spam Observation Deck with a bunch of links so we thought we'd share what we've done so far in a little mini-review.

This one already got shared over but it's fun to fantasize about our dream vacation homes. Especially if they're in space.

Another regular feature we have over at BT is our Midnight Movies. This week the stupendous Madam Puddifoot is tailoring them to the theme. Including tonight's Ewok double feature!


On a more somber note, we remembered the Challenger explosion and Robin Williams making the wake up call to the crew for the subsequent mission two years later.


But we also had loads of other fun posts. This and this too.

Of course we talked about Perseids.


Plus, all the animals that beat Gerdie into space. As well as that time we sent some frogs eggs up there.

We talked about books and art.


And last but not least, we featured an up and coming candidate for future missions into the great starry beyond.