Sometimes when a girl has been around the block a few times she gets a bit of a reputation. I seem to have gotten one on io9 which makes sense since I have been around for years. Don’t remember how many exactly but I had a star once upon a time! Got the trans and gay stuff and Feminist stuff reputation of course from my constantly talking about it. I mean, like, do I ever shut up about it? But been noticing another reputation among the general unwashed Grey masses on io9 lately. People commenting when I am complaining/being critical that its just me always being unhappy/self-righteous/indiginant/etc all the time. Which is kinda funny cause I am pretty sure 90% of my comments on posts are jokes. I sometimes worry io9 writers are going to sick of my posting sometimes completely unrelated succinctly put jokes of the first thing my mind connects with the article title/picture/text/subject, and banish me back to the greys.

I mean yeah I am pretty critical. Overly so? Possibly but mostly cause I just want the best out of the world. And being a lesbian trans woman I see a lot of shit in the world in our media that others don’t/won’t. And as a white able bodied and other privileges person there is a lot of of shit I don’t see but try to keep in mind. Then again there is the tendency to stereotype Feminists and the like as fun hating so not like this kinda reputation is unprecedented (I have considered changing my name to Fun Hating Feminist Nicole or maybe something a more alliteratey).

Anyways that was my navel gazing of the morning. Plenty of lint to find in there! I am going to hijack open thread and make this one cause I gotta justify it somehow or the Mods will be angry.

Post what you think your io9 reputation is like! Or anything at all! Like, I dunno, hedgehogs in spaceships.