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bangishotyou's AMA on all things Android!

Greetings and salutations, mammals! It is a lovely Sunday morning and I have finally gotten my DSL working again (the amount of loathing I have for AT&T and their DSL service in our neighborhood cannot be understood by mere mortals), which means I didn’t have to ask a_blackpanther or someone to post it on my behalf and then just respond via my phone to any comments or whatnot. That and I’m up early for once!

So as most of you all know I’m a huge tech geek. If technology is involved in any way, shape, or form then my curiosity is piqued and I’ll have to go out of my way to learn as much as I can about whatever. That said ages ago I discovered Android and especially the joys of rooting and ROMing Android devices and I’ve been an Android fanboy ever since. Which means you all can ask me pretty much anything you’d like about Android devices. The ones you own, the ones you want to own, the ones that you think might be coming down the line, etc etc etc.


Want to know which apps are worth checking out and that you should be using?

Are you forgetful like me and bad with dates and time and all those sorts of related things? I know an app that will automate the hell out of your phone on a level you can’t even imagine, but guess what it can easily do. Automatically send messages you personalize to friends and family on special days. It can also turn on and turn off WiFi for you based on your location (like when you get home or get to work or wherever).

Intrigued by smartwatches but don’t see the appeal and want to know more about them or upcoming ones? I’ve been using one pretty much since they debuted! And I upgraded to a better and more preferred one shortly thereafter. Ask me about them.

I should warn you all that we’re doing the family gathering today as an early bday thing for me.


For those who are curious I turn the big 3-0 tomorrow. [drapes arm across face] Oh woe is me! I’ll be old!


The GIF on the left best explains how I feel about my upcoming age change.

So I’ll likely be busy with that here in a bit but rest assured that I will reply to each and every single comment as I can, even if it doesn’t happen right away. (I’m a night owl though and since I’m currently on vacation from work I’ll likely be up til the crack of dawn, so if I don’t reply because the family thing runs long and into the afternoon then you’ll get replies in the evening or late at night at worst. Fair warning.) And seriously, ask away. I’m sure you all are curious about this or that or have had one issue or another and you want to know what’s up. Lay it on me! I’ve been doing this for years and I read up on anything and everything each and every single day.


Also some of you might be interested in rooting or ROMing your devices or have heard of it but want some additional info on what all that is and what it entails. By all means, ask away about it. If you’re genuinely interested in doing one or both of those things all I ask is that you provide me with some information on your device. Specifically what type of device it is, which carrier it’s on (for U.S. users only, assuming they didn’t buy an unlocked device at off contract pricing that is), and what Android version it’s on (go into Settings and then About Phone to find that out, give me the build number too because sometime that’s even more important than just knowing it’s on KitKat or Lollipop 5.1).

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