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Banshee Chapter sort of tries to be a found footage movie

I've had no training in filmmaking or analysis so if I notice the camerawork while I'm watching a movie it's probably not a good thing. That said, Banshee Chapter is still a decent film combining MKUltra, numbers stations and a few scares. Mild spoilers ahead (not much beyond what's in the trailer).

Quick synopsis: Katia Winter (Sleepy Hollow's Katrina with a more natural hair color) plays Anna, a journalist looking into what happened to her college buddy James. Her search leads to decades old CIA drug experiments, a mysterious radio broadcast from the desert and a Hunter Thompson-ish character (Ted Levine). Without being too spoilery I'll say that the twist involves the work of an author many Observation Deck regulars will recognize.


The movie starts in a documentary/found footage style but shifts around. In the top image Anna is filming herself with her phone. In the same scene the viewpoint shifts to the angle above. I found the change in style a little disconcerting. Much of the movie has the camera following Anna around in a handheld documentary style through a lot of dark places (think [Rec] but without an actual cameraman holding the camera). I probably wouldn't have been as distracted by the style if the movie hadn't started the way it had. But this will probably work fine when the movie is released for the Oculus Rift.

Banshee Chapter is streaming on Netflix and can also be found online for rental at the usual places.

I'm glad I saw the movie without seeing the trailer first. I think it's too spoilery. But here it is if you want to see it.

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