Batgirl is probably my favorite superhero of all time. Cassandra Cain's 2000-2006 run was one of the first and best comic series I've ever read and as I've mentioned in another article, she is one of the few Superheroes I ever looked up to when I was younger. Barbara Gorden is also very great, both as Batgirl and Oracle. Stephanie Brown had an enjoyable run and Betty Kane has her moments despite only existing to stop people calling Robin gay.

With the announcement of the Wonder Woman movie and if rumor control is to be believed (spoilers), the new Robin is to a woman, possibly even Carrie Kelley(end spoilers). A Batgirl movie could be in the distant future. After all, she's probably DC's second most famous female Superheroes next to WW thanks to her appearances in the 60s Batman Series, Batman TAS and Batman and Robin.

So if they made a Batgirl movie, who should it be? Betty, Barbara, Cassandra, Stephanie or someone new? Who would you want to play her? Which villain would you want to see? how about tone and style? Finally how about story? Should the movie be about her origin or have Batman in it?


For me, Cassandra Cain, Sophie Wu is the only person I can think of but I'm iffy on that. For me an origin would be appropriate as she is a less known hero & her origin is a very interesting one tell and I think something like a mix of a martial arts film and a Robert Rodriguez movie. The one thing is though I would be scared that they white wash the crap out of the movie because studios don't think non-white character will sell.