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I’ve been a fan of Tom King’s writing for some time now. (His Vision and Mister Miracle series were out of this world.) I’ve especially loved his Batman comics, which makes this issue such a disappointment. You can skip Batman #66, because nothing ****ing happens.

Spoilers below, if you can spoil nothing.

Batman’s been trapped in his own mind for a bit, and is trying to get out. That can make for an interesting story, but it falls short when two characters literally spend the entire time talking about Batman.


It could work, if the conversation went anywhere, or didn’t take place in the Batman’s head. But since it is imaginary, there’s nothing here. No new insight uncovered, no secret revealed.

The Question questions Catwoman, trying to get to the bottom of why she left Batman at the altar. They talk about it and Batman, but in such a way that we learn nothing we didn’t already know. The entire issue is a wasted exercise.

Yes, Batman works hard. He took a vow. He’s obsessed with it. Yes, Catwoman left him at the altar. She’s said repeatedly that it was because she didn’t believe he could be happy AND Batman at the same time. And I get it: the sacrifice is a core part of his character. But we already knew that.

There is absolutely nothing in this issue that is new, or different, or advances the story in any measurable way. It is a complete waste of your time.


King has already proven that yes, you can tell an interesting story about superheroes being questioned, and revealing new context about events in their lives. Look no further than the excellent ongoing Heroes in Crisis. Just don’t bother with Batman #66. Come back next month, when something might actually happen.

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