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If you were a Batman fan during the Tim Burton movie releases, you probably read the Batman and Detective Comics between 1987 and 1993. During that time, Norm Breyfogle was one of the most prolific artists drawing the Dark Knight.

I was practically raised on the Grant/Breyfogle run. His portrayals of Gotham and the characters in it were always sharp, dynamic, rich with detail and absolutely loaded with energy.


So it struck me as shocking news to hear that Mr. Breyfogle recently suffered a fairly debilitating stroke, leaving most of his left side (including his drawing hand) paralyzed.

If you're a Batman fan who has ever enjoyed the Ventriloquist, Anarky or Zsasz, you have Grant and Breyfogle to thank. One of my personal favorites was the debut of Tim Drake's modern look, the look that helped inspire the portrayal of Robin in Batman: The Animated Series.


Please consider donating whatever you can—-a couple of dollars or what you'd spend on a single Christmas present for someone—- on helping one of the most under-appreciated artists of the industry in his greatest time of need.

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