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Batman v Superman: Civil War

I’m starting to wonder how similar plot points of Batman v Superman will be compared to Captain America Civil war. We’ve already seen in the BvS trailer the real villain is Lex Luthor and Doomsday. And from all accounts Baron Zemo is going to be involved in Civil War. Marvel seems to be more confident in their marketing that all of the Bucky footage seems like it’s from the first 1/3rd of the film, so it certainly seems they are following similar movie beats. If that is the case it makes me wonder how BvS: Civil Trespassing and Imminent Domain might affect the reception of Civil War.

I’m sure both will be very successful at the box office - but will people feel they only need on superhero matchup? If so I imagine the goodwill Marvel as gained will favor Civil War and may diminish BvS. On the otherhand, will this formula seem repetitious a little over a month later once Civil War is released? Of course there’s always the Transformers argument that as long as a bunch of stuff is blown up and massive special effects are involved the people will come. I’m sure the effect will be subtle and hard to determine but I’m curious nonetheless.


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