There was a good movie in there somewhere. It was about half an hour long and buried deep, so deep under the heaviest symbolism and the weight of a studio’s hope to create a shared universe.... (AKA the Amazing Spiderman 2 Syndrome)

Surprise - the movie that suffered from the very birth of its premise from the fact that both our heroes need to act like jerks, really gets good as soon as.... they stop acting like jerks and be goddamn heroes. That final fight was really, really good. Wonder Woman was amazing - that scene made me happy. Even though she could have been a lot cooler if we had seen her movie first. She was much better when not in obvious promo mode for that. (“I have fought things from other worlds before! Go watch my movie to see that!”)

Like everybody was. If you cut out all the so obvious setup for the Batman movie - how did he get here? - shoved all the Justice League hints into a post credit sequence or two (you want to be Marvel so desperately - learn from them) - this could have been much shorter. Which it so desperately needed.

It should not have taken the two so long to come to their senses and work together - How can they not see through Lex Luthor’s plan to set them up against each other? Could he have been any - more - obvious about it?


Talking about Lex. No. Just no. Someone should have dared to tell Jesse Eisenberg he’s not cast as the Joker. Seriously. No. (And I also don’t need to know about the villain’s difficult childhood. This trend is annoying)

The names of their mother as the one thing they have in common..... heavy handed. Of course it was, like all the symbolisms. But... well.... It’s apparently canon that all mothers in the DC universe are called Martha, so I don’t blame Snyder for using that...

Dreams. So many. Freaking. Dream sequences. And visions. And dreams within visions. Just tell the one movie you’re working on and quite telling others in dreams. (Including - surprise - Batman’s origin sequence. Why didn’t anyone ever show us that before, it’s so original!)


And a Cliffhanger. Wow. So much time wasted on not one but two funerals of the one character every body knows will not die.


Yeah, I get it. Doomsday. Cute. Give us your slomo (goddamn it, Snyder enough with the slomos) and then let him wake up. We know you didn’t just kill Superman for good, even though you probably would really have loved to do that.

But it’s Easter - perfect time for an implied resurrection, I guess, (OK. We. Get. It. He’s Jesus. I would have thought you couldn’t make it any more obvious than you did in Man of Steel. But then you put a whole interview segment into this one in which a pundit literally says he’s Jesus. I’m —- baffled.)

All in all: it.... could have been worse...That one short film of the original three getting together and kicking Doomsday’s ass - that was amazing!


(Would have been better if it hadn’t been practically monochrome plus some red and green streaks, but hey). Jeremy Irons was cool - somebody did remember to give Bruce a moral compass - too bad he didn’t listen to him. Once.

Martha Kent quipping with Batman. I smiled........ That was - a very unusual emotion while watching that movie. Almost made my face hurt because it came so unexpected. Somebody writing that film was aware of the concept of comic relief. Too bad he only got to write one line...


There is a lot of potential in the DCCU. It’s just a shame that Zack Snyder hijacked it for now. Don’t get me wrong, I like Watchmen. it was the one perfect film for his grimm and stylized visuals, but someone really need to take over from him and build on the potential.

So - have you seen it? Will you see it?