Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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The review embargo for BvS has been lifted, and the overall reaction is frankly pretty meh. Metacritic is showing a 48% score, with 17 reviews so far; Rotten Tomatoes has a 39% score, with 40 reviews listed. Some of the, um, highlights so far:

“No major blockbuster in years has been this incoherently structured, this seemingly uninterested in telling a story with clarity and purpose.”


—Robbie Collin, Daily Telegraph

“Overlong, underdeveloped and almost entirely humorless...”

—Rafer Guzman, Newsday

“[A]nother numbing smash-and-bash orgy of CGI mayhem with an ending that leaves the door open wide enough to justify the next 10 installments.”


—Chris Nashawaty, Entertainment Weekly (The reviewer also notes that the chief menace in the film resembles “a giant turd.”)

“It’s tough to take all the hardcore emoting seriously... For a film so concerned with its characters’ inner lives, there’s a fundamental disconnect going on here – enough to make you yearn for the lighter touch of the Marvel films.”


—Andrew Pulver, The Guardian

But, um... Rolling Stone’s Peter Travers liked it?

Dawn of Justice is still a colossus, the stuff that DC Comics dreams are made of for that kid in all of us who yearns to see Batman and Superman suit up and go in for the kill.”


(Keep in mind Travers was pretty keen on Batman Forever, too.)

Even the positive notices are a little reserved. Variety’s Andrew Barker liked it overall, but describes the movie as “overblown” and “sometimes scattered.” People’s Alynda Wheat calls it “sluggish” but loves the cast. USA Today’s Brian Truitt appreciated the callouts to a bigger DC Cinematic Universe, “the Dawn of something potentially sensational.” And that’s kinda it for cautiously good reviews beyond the usual fan outlets.


So is anyone surprised by the critical reaction? Is there a particular reviewer or outlet whose opinion you’re waiting for? Does it seem like Snyder’s best bet is to cut his losses and get cracking on that Ayn Rand Shared Cinematic Universe?

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