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Batman Vs. Supeman Vs. Nightwing Vs. Wonder Woman

Okay, so we have to take things that Latino Review says about movies with a grain of salt, but the latest rumor they are reporting has to do with the possibility of Nightwing being in Batman Vs. Superman.

This adds on to the previous rumors that the movie may feature Wonder Woman. Now the video says that DC is looking for a young John Hawkes type and they imply this to mean that this will be Dick Grayson. Here is what John Hawkes looks like:


Definitely an older Nightwing. Now, I'm not saying that none of this is true. Maybe DC has just given up on the idea of creating solo movies for all of their characters and are just going to shoehorn as many as possible into BvS. Maybe they truly can't figure out Wonder Woman to the point where they are just desperate to include her in a DC movie, just to please the masses, but the idea of introducing Nightwing, a character who has never been mentioned in any previous Batman movies, in a movie based upon Batman and Superman punching each other until they become besties, just doesn't make sense. Why not just have it be Robin? Or nobody? Why not include Krypto the Superdog or Marvin and Wendy? Just have every once and future member of the Justice League walk by on screen with a name tag that way when we watch Justice League we will go "Hey, they were in the last movie! Way to tie it all together, DC!"

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