In yet another demonstration of just why the BBC is struggling to attract viewers who aren’t interested in property or dance programmes the corporation, no doubt as a result of some internal dick measuring contest, has decided to scrap the immensely popular Robot Wars reboot after 3 series to make way for “new shows”.

Looking back now it appears the BBC had wanted this show gone for a while, putting it up against the insanely popular Blue Planet II series which saw its viewing figures slashed in its latest series and clearly not giving it the funding to properly work given the arena fell apart every bloody week.

While the revived series never had the same punk vibe of the Charles days it was still an entertaining watch compared to all the singing contests and generic documentaries on other channels.

No doubt this “new show” will be yet another 80s sitcom brought back as a “one off revival” backdoor pilot that inevitably flops because they want the nostalgia of the show but with humour about as cutting as Big Bang Theory. Here’s hoping maybe Netflix or Amazon will come save yet another show.