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BBC Radio 4's Halloween Fright Night

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(I am sure someone has already mentioned this either here or on the main site’s Morning Spoilers and I have missed it but, just in case ...)


Just a note that on Halloween night BBC Radio 4 will be broadcasting two new adaptations of horror stories involving haunted recordings of sorts*. The first ghost story will be Nigel Kneale’s The Stone Tape, originally a tv play with Jane Asher that aired on Christmas in 1972. It will be followed by a production of Koji Suzuki’s Ringu or Ring featuring Eve Myles.

These should be excellent productions because, in at least in the case of The Stone Tape (and possibly Ring, though I am not sure how they are changing the story for radio), the storyline seems perfect for radio, and the use of sound and music is something that the BBC sound department truly excels in.


To round out Fright Night BBC4 [edit BBC Radio 4] will rebroadcast their adaptation of William Peter Blatty’s The Exorcist with Robert Glenister.

*I am keeping the descriptions of the original storylines purposefully vague, really nonexistent, so not to ruin anyone’s fun if they do not know the stories (not that most folks are not familiar with at least one version of the Ringu story). Plus, honesty, when this came across my feed last night there was not much information on how they were adapting the new stories, what changes might be made.

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