Who else could possibly have brought these two into being... :) (F8 of the Furious spoilers... Even though the German title completely erased the pun... ;) )

How did that stupid street racing series get so fun?

I totally blame Dwayne Johnson.. I mean Diesel can be - entertainingly cheesy, but The Rock is amazing. (In related news - how did that stupid wrestler turn into such an entertaining actor?)

Also - Jason Statham has found the best writers that man get to both play his typecasting and bust it into pieces.

And everyone knows how amazingly hot and evil (hevil?) Charlize Theron can be. Who fortunately stays alive for Fast 9 The Furious. Fast and Furiou9?


Small note about the audience: So many young people and not one of them knows which side of a base cap should point to the front. Damn, the fans are broes.