Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

I'm hoping some smart people can let me know if I had a close call with disaster this morning. Tuesday is trash day. I got up to get my son his bottle and noticed a horrible looking dark sky. I thought maybe about bringing the garbage can to the road before it started raining. Except my son was screaming at me so I waited. I know storms are in the forecast, but I still waited.

So 20 minutes later it had just started raining a little and I load my son and everything into the car and back it out of the garage. It then starts to downpour so much that I pretty much have no choice but to use an umbrella even to take the garbage can to the edge of the driveway. No lightning at that point.

So I get the big umbrella out of the corner of the garage open it up and I take 2 steps out of the garage and there's a bright flash of lightning. I then hear an extremely high pitched whine that is something I would consider to be at considerable volume for a second or two before one of the loudest thundercalps I've ever heard.


What was that high pitched whine? I mean it wasn't super super high pitch but it was up there.

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