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Because SOMEONE sent me to Comics Alliance and I'm a clicking fool...

They unjunkified Bishop's hair (lose the cape, tho, bro)!

For a series with alternating hot


and stupid

hairpieces (I can't lie—I want to shave her into a mohawk as punishment for all the crap that is the character, but why should she take all the blame? I estimate only 70% of it is her),

I'm glad to see one that's an upgrade from...


which was just going to render as a Jheri curl (I spell correctly because I KNOW) nightmare. Plus, aside from the cape, he looks like I should be afeared, which I wasn't as of when I stopped reading the X.

But back to hot! I might not like her hair, but it's okay if I stare at that left breast a bit more? Is that youth, CGI, or practical effects? (eta: shit, now it's the right breast—I hate you, JLaw, no matter how beautiful and dorky you are, I won't fall for it)


. Just, whoa.

More hot pecs...


Not pecs, but call me:


And American Horror Story people just feel like family to me:



Okay, gotta work out if IO9 did this post, and maybe mentioned all the actor names and the characters to boot.


Dirty cherrypicking Comic Alliance.


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