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It would be fun to throw a song and just put it in Musicopia. Every once in awhile post a fun song that deserves a little attention or maybe helps you get through the work day. Write a little bit about why you think the song is fun or deserving of the attention.

It seems like a decade since I had my aspiration of making a zombie movie.

My friend and I sat down one night, taking a break from our usual antics of telling terrible jokes and blurting out random movie quotes which would immediately make us both erupt in laughter and cuing a few raised eyebrows to passers by walking beside us. Through many nights of drinking, laughing and some serious deep thought we had joked for months that we should make a zombie movie and finally a script and involved plot line was apparent.


This was a time before The Walking Dead, Shaun of the Dead, Resident Evil and the numerous iterations that have made genres of vampires, werewolves and especially zombies overly saturated.

This beautiful melody was to play at the end credits to what we had decided would be a trilogy. Why? Because, trilogy. One of our characters in the script had a 90's era camcorder and had it on at various moments throughout the movie. During the credits, the viewers would see the footage of both what was going on during sometimes of the movie they had just watched and a few off screen moments adding some emotion and lastly, a taste of something to ponder about and discuss for the next movie.

Enjoy this one.

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