Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Behind the Birthweek

There’s at least one weird-sounding line in this song, if you find it you win a prize.


Today is the last day of a week-long celebration of sorts in recognition of 9 years of Observation Deck. Thank you to the contributors of comments for this year (and the three previous years) for making this happen so successfully.

Today’s topic, if you choose to discuss it:

In your opinion, will humans visit Mars before 2050?

Alternate topic:

In your opinion, will Kinja and Observation Deck still be here in 2050?

author’s answers: I remain unsure. There are people who are really mentally invested in the idea of going to Mars but the necessary funding levels for any form of high-chance-of-success trip, particularly a round trip, seem to be lacking. At current rates of investment I think the answer is no; something major in corporate aerospace will have to change between now and ~2040 to make this possible.


If Kinja is still here in 2020 I’d be fairly surprised.

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